Flower Gardens

Garden Walk.

I thought I would share a few pictures of my gardens.
Spring is my favorite time of year, and even though I know this is an art blog,
I love the creativity and many colors and forms to be enjoyed in gardening.
After all, gardening is a from of creativity and crafting through God's supplies of dirt, sunshine, rain, and vegetation.

In my shade gardens, I have a fondness for hostas.

Ferns are fronds of gracefulness as well.

I just reworked this garden into my herb and strawberry garden.

My front garden has been a work in progress this spring.

 Another favorite: the cheerful mountain bluet.

I never tire of Irises of every variety...

as well as the bold vibrance of the climbing clematis vine.

I see some weeds in this garden that need to be pulled.
I hope you didn't mind this slight diversion from pencil and paper.
(This post was originally posted here: http://www.pailsofpaint.com/2013/05/garden-walk.html 
I will add more pictures of the gardens as time allows.)

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