Free Vintage Illustrations

Here is a visual list with links to each of the free vintage images
on the blog "Pails of Paint."

To print them up in Word, click on the image, right click,
and then click on "copy",
open up Microsoft Word and right click on the screen,
and then click "paste",
it should paste the image onto the page.
If you have difficulties or suggestions,

Vintage Illustration: Horse and Boy

Vintage Illustration: Face on the Moon

Vintage Image Bicycle

Vintage Illustration Carousel

Vintage Illustration Fishing

Vintage Image: Woman Working in Kitchen

Vintage Image Hummingbird in Sky

Vintage Image: Ships in a Stormy Sea

 Vintage Images: Cats and Roses

Vintage Illustrations: Little Girls


Vintage Snow Scene

(Most of the images are done in black and white or in an antiqued version.
If you do not see the coloring of the image that you want here on this page,
click on the link to get to the blog post, and the color you want may be there.
There also may be other variations of the image on the blog post: close ups, etc).

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