My name is Tonya.
 I have a problem with paint.

Not a day goes by that I don't paint or sketch something,
usually not on purpose.
 I just seem to notice things 'need something' and then paint them.

We're all good at something: singing, an instrument, athletics, building, speaking
maybe being a good listener and friend.
I realized a short time ago while reading Matthew 25:14-46
that God wanted me to realize what I am good at and use it.

I thought of paint.

I don't consider myself a superior artist...not at all.
But I love doing arts and crafts, and I loved teaching it when I did.

I can't teach right now because I am busy with my own kids, our farm, and keeping our house clean
(or trying to)

 but I thought of here:
a blog to share what I love.

Here are my plans for this blog:

*  art lessons (weekly, for the most part)
*  vintage art clips from old books I have collected to use to create things

*   crafts

*  coloring pages, coloring cards, educational printables, and coloring pages for Bible verses and passages for anybody who wants to use them
*   home arts: simple fixes and recycled objects around the home

*   artist information or other current artists or crafters' information

Life is too short to keep our talents buried where nobody can enjoy them.

And so that is why I am here,
because of paint.
I am trying to use what God has given me,
hoping it will be a journey of learning.


  1. You have a neat blog here! I loved looking through all your art lessons and I can't wait to see more!

  2. I just adore your work. I love it all. I keep coming back to your site. Please, keep doing what you're doing.
    Ellygra in Santa Ana, CA

  3. Hi Tonya, I'm popping over from the Welcome Wagon at Cozy Little House. Your blog looks wonderful. As a homeschooling mom with an artistic family, I'm excited about the little bit I've seen so far here! I'm going to explore some more, and look forward to getting to know you.

    Your newest follower-
    Creating a Life


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