Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Wreath from a Wool Jacket and a Cereal Box.

 It is hard to believe the Christmas season is here!
Is your home festive and merry?

It's a work in progress at our home, but a cheerful one that the kids are happy to help with.

I had a few bags full of wool jackets in various colors I got at the end of a summer yard sale:
2 for $.25 because nobody wanted to load them up to take them home again.
I was happy to find a great assortment of colors, and all wool!
I'm sure they were happy I showed up and took that trash bag full that I did.

I had gotten them to make braided wool rugs,
planned on one for my room and one for the girls' room,
but they've gone into several other projects while the rugs have lingered at the back of my mind.

The wreath I made is now wearing the red jacket. :)

 I cut the jacket into strips and tied them around the wreath form.

The fun part of a wreath is dressing it in possibilities:

Sparklings beads and a glittered greenery pick;

Natural pinecones;

 A winter scene on the wreath...

with possibly a snowman made from plaster of Paris pom-poms;

Greenery and bells that have been made to look old by plaster of Paris mixed with black/brown paint
(I explain the process >HERE<);

 Real Greenery and a rustic rope;

Adding a beaded ornament for an accent or some old sparkly garland

or some home-made ornaments.

I decided to use some decorations I had made from an empty cereal box.
 I cut squares and then fringed them and curled the fringes with a pencil.
A coating of Plaster-of-Paris mixed with white paint stiffened them;
some glue and glitter finished them and a jingle bell glued in the center.

It's a happy thing to have a festive wreath...

 and it probably looks much better as a wreath than waiting to become a rug anyway.

Sharing with other great wreath ideas over at the Nester's blog,
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By Stephanie Lynn


  1. This is a wonderful idea!!! All your wreaths look lovely! Great deal on the clothing and a great way of repurposing!

  2. Your wreaths are gorgeous. I love the country look of red and green at Christmas and your wreaths just shout old fashioned charm. They are wonderful. I was amazed at all the ways you used plaster of Paris . . . I've never really given it the credit that I have for it now after reading your post. I am your newest follower. Please come visit my blog and I hope that you will like it enough to follow me back. I love making new blogging friends.
    You have created a delightful blog and I love it here.
    Connie :)

    1. Thanks so much, Connie! I will be by to meet you at your blog. :)


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