Sunday, April 13, 2014

Purple Polka Dot Wreath for Our Spring Door.

Have  you been enjoying the weather in your part of the world?
I have been busy digging up plants from my gardens.
The long winter made their appearance even more enjoyable this year.

I decided to stop for a few minutes and update the wreath on the door since it was still wearing a Christmas wreath: it definitely needed some spring colors.

My daughters helped me pick out some purple polka dot material that caught our eyes.

Our wreath was a simple project that cost us less than ten dollars:
  • 1 yard of material for $2.99 yd
  • burlap wired ribbon 5 yards at $.69 per yard
  • two flower bunches that were on sale for $1.39 each.

I began by cutting a circular shape from a large, unfolded cardboard box,
cutting the inside of the circle as well.

I then used some packing tape to secure bunched up plastic bags to the front of the cardboard circle.

I also cut strips of the polka dot fabric about 4 inches wide.
I then wrapped the strips around the bag-faced circle,
tucking the ends in underneath itself to secure.

When the circle was completely covered, I then wrapped the burlap ribbon loosely around the fabric covered wreath and then tucked the flower sticks securely into them.

I attached a bit of wire to the back of the wreath and hung it on the door.

With the left-over fabric, I tore small square to set on top of an old bench I painted with left-over purple paint from my daughter's room.
(Of course, they thought the bench was BEAUTIFUL!  They never tire of purple.)


A purple polka dot wreath is a diversion from digging in the dirt...

and certainly makes the place look more welcoming of spring.

Thank you for stopping by.  If you can, be sure to make some time to bring cheerful colors of spring to your home.  They are moments well spent.

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  1. Perfect for spring! It's beautiful!!

    1. Thank you, Farmlife Chick! Happy Spring to you!! :)

  2. That is just beautiful, and I agree with the girls, can't get enough purple!!

  3. Very pretty and I love your creativity in making your own wreath form!


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