Friday, March 28, 2014

Free Vintage Prints: Medieval Scenes.

Happy weekend!

I have not posted many vintage illustrations lately.
I am sorry about that.

I finally took some pictures from my late 1800's books
and decided I ought to get some on here.

My daughter has been studying the medieval times in history this year,
so these images stood out to me because of that,
I am sure.

However, don't we all find the age of knights and castles intriguing?

Here is the cleaned up image in black and white.

 Here it is antiqued.

This image of the girl out for a ride with the castle in the background was the only colored one in the book.


 I dulled the colors down a bit for this image:

 and here is the image antiqued.

If you would like to use these images,
they should, as far as I know, be free from copyright since they are from very old books.

To print them up in Word, click on the image, right click,
and then click on "copy",

open up Microsoft Word and right click on the screen,

and then click "paste",

it should paste the image onto the page.

If you have difficulties or suggestions,
please let me know.

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