Thursday, February 13, 2014

Vintage Home Illustrations: Free Illustrations - Home Tour

 As I was looking for some ideas for making Valentines,
I started flipping through some vintage illustrations.

Something that I noticed about them,
is that often they have designs in the backgrounds.


 These images are surrounded by spherical garlands
and elaborated by the same spheres with curling rope-type images on the semi-circle frame.
It was called a "photo display frame,"
maybe an early rendition of our divided frames we use for family images.

 I found some more elaborate designs in this advertisement for
"Artistic House Furnishing and Decoration."

 The detail on this vintage magazine page is pretty amazing.


 Here is a cropped/lightened version.

I cropped even more into this image so you can see just how detailed this picture is.

 This looks like it may be the children's play room.
I wish I could see what is inside that cupboard door that is half open.

 Here is is lightened and cleaned up.


Even the border at the top of the room is fun to look at.
I love those crocheted curtains with tassels.

 Here is another zoomed in picture of one of the rooms.
They added pansies or violets around the outside of this image: a pretty division.

Maybe this is a parlor.

 Here it is cleaned and lightened.
Don't plants make a house feel alive and cozy?
(I would have to put fake plants up that high or they would never get watered!)
What fancy curtains and pretty lace underneath them.

This looks like an entryway or hallway of some sort.

Isn't the curved seating welcoming?
The elaborate wood carving above the doorway certainly took some labor to make.

I am not sure what this last room is.
Maybe it is the family living room.
I love the woodwork on the fireplace and the detail of the wall paper.

 It looks like throw cushions to add some color and design to the couch were a big thing then, too.
Some things never go out of style...
or maybe it is just that things of comfort never go out of style.

I had hoped to have an art lesson this week, but as it pertained to my children's valentines and I am not done with them yet, I decided to post this now and hope that I can finish the valentines tonight...
I guess I had better get to them!

These images are all free for use as they are from a late 1800's magazine.

Thank you for stopping by!

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