Monday, February 3, 2014

Art in Nature: Working with Snow

We have had a lot of snow this winter.

It reminds me of when I spent four years of college in Wisconsin.

The snow we had today was perfect snowman snow:
sticky and heavy but not wet.

My son rolled out one large snowball,
and I rolled another.

I shoveled the snow all around the area and kept adding it to the snowballs, packing it on in between shovel fulls.

Where we needed a bit extra snow, we made smaller snowballs rolled around,
and placed them on the...

dragon snowman.

I added a snow piece for the jaw and one for the top part of the mouth
as well as some eyes,

 Once we had the snow piled on in great heaps,
we packed the snow well in places where we needed it
and cut some of it off to help define the arms and legs.

For bigger slices, I used the snow shovel.

For smaller slices and carving, we used garden hand shovels.

 My son stuck with me most of the time.

I wanted him to help me, to build confidence that he can do things he sets his goals and determination toward doing.

It was great to see him see the progress and realize that he was a contributor to our fun sculpture.

 The girls helped us some along the way as well.

 There are many different snow sculptures that would be fun and challenging to build,
and clean up and storage is not an issue.

Do you have snow where you are?

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  1. What wonderful memories you made Tonya with your son and a very teachable moment of sticking it out till your finished with whatever you take on in life. Great job...never saw a dragon snowman!


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