Thursday, January 30, 2014

Art Lesson: Sketch Page of a Cardinal.


Today I am sharing a sketch page on cardinals.

I had a request to paint some of these,
so I drew one first, to get their proper body shape.

Here it is:

Adding paint makes them stand out more.

Who doesn't love the bright red of the cardinal against a fresh snowfall.

Of course, cardinals are beautiful any time of the year!

Until next time, keep sketching;
and thanks for stopping by.

As always, these sketch pages are free for use, just not for resale.

(To copy these pages, click on the image, right click, and then click on "copy".

Open up Microsoft Word and right click on the screen, and then click "paste".
 The image should paste onto the page.

You can then click "print".
If you have difficulties or suggestions, please let me know.)


  1. I am going to give this sketch a try. (love cardinals!) The painting part -not so easy :)

    1. Thank you, Susan! I hope you find them easy to draw. They are so pretty: all song birds seem creatures of such grace and beauty.


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