Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cardboard Roll Stars


In my last post I mentioned a few things I would explain.

One of them was these cardboard stars.

This ornament is a made of an old wide mouth canning jar lid and two slices from an empty cardboard paper roll.
The star was made from a toilet paper cardboard slice,
and the inner ring is made from a paper towel cardboard slice as they are just slightly larger.
The inner ring was then wrapped with yarn.

Making the star is very simple.

 First (after the slice has been taken from the cardboard roll),
measurements are taken all around the roll, marking every inch and 1/16th.

These measurements should be marked all around the roll
and should come out pretty close to even.

The cardboard is pinched on the marked lines.

Carefully, while holding the pinched marked edges,
the space in between these is pushed down into the star.

Do this all around while grabbing the star points as they are made,

At this point it is clear that a star is about to be born.

The stars may then be painted or wrapped in yard or glittered as you like.

The stars may lose a bit of their shape when they are wet with paint,
but they will bend back into shape when you pinch them again once they are dry.

I used the stars in this grape star on my wall.

 Here is a better lighted view of the Christmas ornament.

This piece is made up entirely of cardboard roll from toilet paper.
The star part was wrapped in yarn and dipped in glitter.

The flower shape is pieces of the same roll that have been glued together and then dipped in glitter.

The creative touches one could do with these stars are endless!
These were fun to make.

Thanks for stopping by.

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