Thursday, December 5, 2013

Art Lesson: Snowman...from a Cinnamon Snowstorm in Applesauce Valley.

This week I will share how to sculpt a snowman cinnamon ornament.

Here is the picture progress of how I rolled my snowman.

I added a pinch of dough for an arm and molded it in.

Every snowman needs a scarf.
(Be sure to work the pieces that are added well into the snowman so that they will not break off easily when they dry.)

Round eyes can be made into happy eyes by giving them a slight curve.

No stick arms for this guy, although I'm sure some tiny real ones could be stuck in to dry, if wanted:
here is his second arm.

He looked like he needed to be holding something,
so I gave him something festive.

Here he is drying in a line-up with some others
(I'm sorry if you have already seen these guys;
I'm just sharing this group for those who are new visitors because the creativity of this dough is endless fun!).

Building snowmen brings up a flood of childhood memories.
With this clay, anybody can build them,
no snow required!

Thanks for stopping by.

(In case you want to build your own fun creations,
here is the recipe I used:

Between 3/4 and 1 cup applesauce (not chunky)

1 cup of cinnamon

2 Tbs. white glue

If the dough feels too dry, add more applesauce; if it feels too wet, add more cinnamon (I put the fluctuating amount in the recipe by the applesauce because I found it easier to adjust that than the cinnamon: I had a limited amount of cinnamon to use).  Use cinnamon to dust the working surface and rolling pin.  I read that the more you knead it, the easier it is to work with/the smoother the clay will be.  Also, these will last indefinitely once allowed to dry thoroughly; or put in the oven on low to speed up the drying process).


  1. Hi Tonya - visiting from the 36th Avenue - I just absolutely love these! They are so wonderful and yours look amazing! Thank you so much for sharing the fantastic tutorial! I hope you have a happy Friday and weekend!

  2. These are so cute! I think I will have to try them this weekend! Enjoy your holidays Tonya!

  3. Stopping by from Party Bunch hop and these are adorable!

  4. This is really a great idea, i have never seen this type of dough before. i bet it smells wonderful! thanks for sharing :)


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