Wednesday, October 9, 2013

When Art Disagrees with Life...

Today I wanted to show you the space I have prepared just for me to work on my artwork,
but it didn't get done.

I need a place to work, where my art supplies are together,
like the kids have their work space.

I decided it was now or never.

I moved some of the books from the shelf and moved out the keyboard since we got a piano,

but I didn't finish my art corner.
So I can't share pictures.

I am disappointed.

It has just been one of those days.

I wanted to get a picture of the sketch I did for yesterday's post,
but we had to run to the dentist and other errands
and when I got home, there was several messes on the floor from the dog
who is either teething again, 
or has developed a taste for our shoes that really needs to be diverted...


The apple fruit roll-ups were done and needed to be put away,
the canned applesauce needs to be put in the basement,
the apple cider vinegar needs to be dealt with,
more applesauce needs to be either processed or put in the drier for more fruit roll-ups.

The ducklings and chickens got on the porch while we were out
and their droppings needed to be washed before they were tracked in.

I am not sure what is so attractive about the porch,
but they really need to have their affection for it diverted.

The dishes from all those apple escapades really need to be conquered...again.

And the laundry needs to be hung in the basement on the racks since rain is supposed to be in the forcast for the next day...or two...or three.

The sun set before I could take my sketch pictures,
so they will have to wait until the morning.

I brought my sketchbook into the dentist office while the kids' were getting their teeth cleaned,
but, try as I might, my artwork was just not working today.

I was frustrated.

I had plans and ideas of things to post tonight,
but nothing seems to be gelling well,
just a lot of "this one needs a bit more work" projects.

I came to the conclusion that tonight
I am just going to throw my today's artistic lack of ability aside
and share a few websites that are brimming with great ideas instead.

The great crafting and art ideas they have are fun for kids
and there is plenty for adults, too.

Just click on the purple links above each to go to their sites.

I will find my artistic fingers tomorrow.

These apples will be put away,
the animals will all behave,
and the washing machine will have a break until the rain passes.

I hope you will be understanding for me,
and thanks for stopping by.


  1. What's not to understand?? You are like the rest of us....some days it all works out and other days it doesn't!!! I feel your frustration at setting goals and not coming close at all!! But you were needed elsewhere today and that's just how it is. Be brave and take heart, another day is coming where it will all fall into place..........xoxoxo

  2. The best laid plans.... I am in the process of turning a guest room into a studio-what a mess, especially as I have other commitments to squeeze in. I sometimes think it will never get done!

    1. Yes, transforming a room into a new possibility is quite a job, isn't it! Hope you can get your room done without too much hassle. :)


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