Saturday, October 19, 2013

Art Tip: Repurposing Ornaments with Paint.


Today I am sharing a simple tip for making a gift more...

(If you are a Hallmark ornament collector, you may not appreciate this post,
so you may need to look away.)
I know it is a bit early for Christmas, but thought this tip might be helpful as we head into the season soon.

Every year at Hallmark,
I see the ornaments from other years deeply reduced for sale because the date on them
is past.

 When my son was a preschooler,
David and Goliath was his favorite story.
He loved the song.

Hallmark had one of those great discounted ornaments,
but the date was old and the year wasn't even meaningful in some way to our family
(Was anybody born that yeat?  Did anybody do anything special that year?
What year did we get the puppy?)

So I decided to "fix" it.

 I used some paint that works great on glass and plastic
(Should I mention her name since she was kind of hard on us bloggers?
That's okay; everybody makes mistakes.
  Bitterness never gets anybody anywhere, and I do so love her all-purpose and glass paint.  I'm not an expert on it or anything, but I find it works very well).

 I painted the book binding with the gold paint, and it hid the year that had been there.

My children have unusual names,
so finding them the personal ornaments can be difficult.

I used the paint on these to remedy that as well.

Once I had painted the gold over the names that were there and let it dry,
I then drew on my children's names using a paint pen.
Oil based permanent marker paint pens work great, too.

It seems a shame that all those great ornament sit on the shelf because there aren't enough Sarahs and Matthews in the world,
 so this is a great way to repurpose something at a great price.

Do you have any helpful ideas for easy fixes?

Thanks for stopping by!

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