Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Art Lesson: Sketch Book - Trotting Horse

I took a few pictures of my niece's horse and thought I would give a sketch lesson on it,
since my daughter is constantly trying to draw horses
(I imagine many little girls do).

Notice the legs in these pictures.  They work in opposing pairs: right front leg goes forward, back left leg goes forward. 

Here are some step-by-steps from the sketchbook.

(Tip: I started out drawing the horse's legs from one of the above pictures,
and then switched them somewhere along the way.
It helps to only keep the picture in front of you that you are working on;
But then, I am sure you are smarter than that! :).

(I will attempt to draw the steps in proper order from now on.
This was just the way I sketched it into my book.  Sorry if it is confusing.)

(To print this teaching sketch page, click on the image, right click, and then click on "copy".

Open up Microsoft Word and right click on the screen, and then click "paste".
 The image should paste onto the page.

You can then click "print" to use them for yourself or home-school groups, etc, just not for resale.)
If you have difficulties, questions, or suggestions, please let me know.)

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Horses have always been a challenge for me to draw. I am looking forward to your printable lesson -thank you!

    1. Thanks, Susan. I will take the picture (if all goes well) in the morning and get it posted here. Had some frustrations today. :S

  2. My older sister was a great artist and her favorite subject was horses. She taught me all these same techniques. What memories. Thank you.

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