Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Art Lesson: Rooster.

This week's art lesson is a sketch page of our rooster.

I like our rooster.
He is quite the protector of his three lady hens and I enjoy watching him find bugs and then
cluck to let them know he has something for them.

He has been pretty tame to us humans so far,
and I hope that will continue so that all will be peaceful around the yard.

Here is a printable sketch page which you are free to use as you'd like,
just not for resale.

Thank you for stopping by!

(To copy this sketch page, click on the image, right click, and then click on "copy".

Open up Microsoft Word and right click on the screen, and then click "paste".
 The image should paste onto the page.

You can then click "print."

If you have difficulties or suggestions, please let me know.)

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