Saturday, September 7, 2013

Vintage Illustration: The Carousel.

For my daughter's birthday, she said she didn't want a party.
She wanted to go to Knoebels.

Knoebels is an amusement park a few hours away.
It is a great family park because unlike  many amusement parks, you do not have to pay to get in.
You can choose to buy all-day wrist bands
(and you can get $5 savings by buying them at Meyer's grocery stores),
or you can just buy tickets to buy each ride
(you can get a discounted pack of $20 worth of tickets for $16 at Weis grocery store).

What is especially nice about Knoebels is the atmosphere.
It is mostly shaded, the noise level is not bad,
and it is very well maintained.

Aside from that, the floral displays they have everywhere are fantastic.

Sitting on the many park benches is a delight.

There are also picnic tables everywhere if you want to bring a packed lunch or buy there,
and the prices are not too unreasonable.

There is a waterway running through the park and numerous bridges to cross it.

Even the painted flowers are sweet.

It was a sudden idea to go to Knoebels, but a perfect day for all of us kids.

Because of our trip, I am posting a vintage illustration of a carousel that I found in one of my late 1800's books.

This looks like it would be such fun to color.  I didn't have time this week, but perhaps someday.

Here is the image in black and white...

...and antiqued.

 I cropped and pasted up a few bits of the scene that I thought were nice on their own as well.

Here it is antiqued.

And here is a young boy enjoying his ride.


 Do you have a favorite destination for family memories?

These images are free for use as they are past the copyrighted date.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Knoebels looks like a wonderful place to take the children for a great family outing. We used to love to go to the Smokey Mountains and visit the Tweetsie Railroad in Blowing Rock, North Carolina with the children. You can Google Tweetsie Railroad and bring up some great "road trip" home video's on you tube. It's funny how attached we become to the places we loved as children and how we want our own children to experience them too.

    1. So true! I would love to visit the Smokey Mountains...someday. So many beautiful places.

  2. Love the antique carousel image. My sister has a special fondness for carousels, and I think this will be great for making her something.

    I just found your site from The Craftberry Bush linky party and have become your latest follower.



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