Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Art Lesson: Shadows with Watercolor


How are things where you are?

The first days of fall have come to us,
and school keeps the kids a bit busier.

This week we will finish the watercolor picture of the blue canning jar and the rose.

There is just a smidge of shadowing to do and some final touches to the colors in the jar and leaves.

Under the leaves at the base of the jar, I dabbed in some gray
and under the rose, it appeared the shadowing had a tinge of red in it,
so the shadow was made to be more of a light brown color.

This was washed around and then lightly taken up with a piece of paper towel.

Once I had worked the image to where I felt I thought it should be,
I stepped back and made a few final adjustments.
The jar seemed to me to be too drastic, so I washed a bit of the blue over it to blend the colors just a tiny bit more.

And then I stopped because I was afraid to do more.

That often seems to be my stopping point.

I fitted it into an antique frame,
and even won a blue ribbon on it at the fair.

That was a surprise,
but a happy one!

This is just a short lesson, but I hope we've learned something here to help us as we try again with this fun medium, hopefully soon!

 Thank you for stopping in and have a bright and cheerful week.

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  1. Oh special! I'm glad you were acknowledged for your "blue ribbon" work!


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