Thursday, August 8, 2013

Vintage Image: Ships in a Stormy Sea

The end of July through August, I have three nephews with birthdays.

As I rummaged through my cards looking for boy cards,
I found that I have a sad selection.

So this week, for my vintage image, I am posting something that can be used for the boys and men in our lives.

I found this great illustration in an old book from the late 1800's.

Here is a cleaned up black and white version.

 and here is an antiqued version.

 I also colored in one of the antiqued versions with my Copic markers.

and one final image I cleaned up and intensified on the computer.

After I spray painted an old pail I found at a yard sale, I used the colored version to add to it
to make a trash pail for my son's room.

 It sits beside the piece of furniture that I painted a little while back.
My husband ripped off the ugly laminate top of the base
and replaced it with old wood he found in the barn.
I also made new knobs for it from clay.

 I used Modge Podge to apply the printed image of the ships
and then on top of it.
(I have found if you apply Modge Podge in just a few strokes,
you can use it on printed paper without it running).

I love old images and the fun variety they can add to simple things.

Feel free to use this seascape for your own projects as it's age makes it
not under copyright.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Great use of an amazing vintage print!


  2. Very nice! I love nautical things. Mod lodge is a great product!


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