Friday, August 16, 2013

Free Vintage Image: Hummingbird in the Sky.

Welcome back, friend!

I was looking through
one of my old books, and I found this image.

I didn't think about it much and assumed they were looking at a plane
until I read the name of the story, "Little Hum," and read the sentence under the picture:
"They thought Hum was very small and pretty, and Hum thought they were giants."

Then I realized,
"They didn't have planes back then.  The skies were quiet and even the streets were pretty still."

Little hummingbird is what they looked out to see.

I cleaned up the image and made an antiqued version of it...

 and a black and white.

Here is the pretty border that was on the last page of the short story,

the antiqued version,

 and the black and white.

These are from a late 1800's book, so the illustrations are not copyrighted.

Feel free to make something fun from them.

I am sharing these images at these Blog Parties:

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  1. Beautiful. I especially like the borders. Thank you for sharing. I visited from The Modest Mom.
    Have a great Monday!


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