Monday, August 26, 2013

Free Coloring Pages: The Ten Commandments 1

For the past few months I have been working on some coloring pages for kids.

My daughter had to learn the Ten Commandments last year in school,
and she seems to have an easier time of it if she has a coloring page.

When done, I can put ring holes through them or just staple them together and she can use her colored pages to go over her memory work.

I hope to provide these in the future as I get them done.

Some weeks I will post these instead of a home-craft on the weekend.

This one is coming here late because of internet problems, yet again.

You are free to use these for personal or church use, except for resale.
I made a colorized version as well.

I will work on putting them in Dropbox or somewhere where printing them up will be easier,
when I can figure that out.

Until then, if you click on the image, right click,
and then click on "copy",
open up Microsoft Word and right click on the screen,
and then click "paste",
it should paste the image onto the page.

If you have difficulties or suggestions,
please let me know.


I hope these will be helpful.

Thanks for stopping in and I'll be back for an art lesson in the middle of the week.

Have a sunny day!

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