Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Art Lesson: Writing Neatly on Artwork.


Today I am going to be picking up my pencil
and giving a tip on how I go about creating wording in artwork.

I took some pictures of two enjoyable elements in my life:
canning jars and flowers.   I thought this would be a fun picture to attempt for a fair exhibit.

I want to experiment with some watercolor paints since it has been quite a while since I have used them, so I thought the blue glass would be bright and bold.

I decided to narrow the focus of the picture, but I always seem to have trouble with wording.
Writing neatly, especially on artwork seems to be a frustration for me.

I start the sketch on tracing paper to work out the details.
I knew I would be making many mistakes and a lot of erasing.

One trick that really helps me is to get the shape/position of the lettering drawn in first,
usually in the shape of a rectangle.

I then sketch in the first letter, and usually the middle letter and last.
This isn't always the exact middle letter.  It depends on the size of the letters.  "I's"  take up much less space than "M's" or "W's".

Because of the angle of the jar in this picture, I started with the first letter and the last letter that looked full-sized.

I then worked and reworked the lettering until I got the letters to look as they did in the photo.

The borders of the rectangle help me to keep to the letter size, spacing, and angle I need them to go.

Have you tried doing lettering on artwork?
Do you have any tips to share?  I'd love to hear.

I will work some more on this picture and show you how it turns out soon.

Thanks for stopping by and take some time to enjoy the roses...
it's always worth it!

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