Monday, July 29, 2013

Updating the Chandelier with Paper Clips and Beads.

Sometimes, a simple thing can give a bit of change to a room.

I decided I wanted to add a bit of fun in our living room
with some beads on the chandelier.

 First I painted the chandelier white, and painted the plastic candlestick covers a French blue.

 I found these beads at the craft store on sale for a good price.

The total for them came to about $10.

 I put them all on a plate and stirred them to mix them.

There are 5 arms on the chandelier,
so I found 15 paper clips,
5 small ones and 10 slightly larger ones,
and put 4 beads on the smaller ones and 5 beads on the larger ones.

I randomly 
strung most of the rest of the beads on a long flexible elastic string.

The rest of the beads, I strung onto a sturdy wire.

 The wire piece was then wrapped around the centerpiece of the chandelier.

The little paperclips were hung on each of the looping arms of the chandelier
and two of each of the larger paper clips were hung from each of the candlestick dishes.

The long string of beads had been tied together,
and I carefully draped them first along the inside little paper clips
and then from the larger paper clips, 
looping and draping and rearranging until it looked evenly spaced. 

 The beads and new lighter color give a fun, fresh look to the chandelier.

My daughters especially like the new look,
like little bits of diamonds sparkling from the light.

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  1. Wow! That came out pretty! Love the colors.

  2. Tonya,

    What a fun project! It turned out great, you are so creative! Thanks for sharing this at the Inspiration Gallery.



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