Sunday, June 23, 2013

Recycled Kitchen Canisters: Bright Colors for a Fun Change.

I had a bunch of different clear glass canisters in a corner section of my kitchen counter top,
but something about the way they looked bothered me.

When I saw this set at a yard sale, I knew this would look neater while being useful.

 I looked on the internet and pinterest for canister ideas,
typing in "colorful canisters" and "vintage canister."

There were some fun canister ideas!

 I sanded the wood, just enough to get that shiny gloss off.

Then I painted them with some colors and designs I liked.

After the paint dried, I painted wax on them and let that dry.
I then buffed them.

They fit the spot perfectly and look more orderly than the random variety I had before.

Did you do any fun creative projects over the weekend?


  1. They turned out really cute - nice job!

  2. These are really cute! What a difference the painted lids make. Thanks for linking them up at Think Tank Thursday. I featured these today.

  3. These are really neat! I love how you "roughed" them up. Thanks for sharing!


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