Sunday, June 9, 2013

Father's Day Gift Idea.

Father's Day is coming up next weekend,
so I thought I would post an easy and fun craft/gift idea.

I find that men can be difficult to find gifts for,
but most men have that undeniable love of food,
and giving some special snack foods always seems to be a good choice.

I have a habit of collecting jars that I think are an unusual shape.
I also have plenty of canning jars around, so I came up with some fun labels
and purchased special foods my husband likes and doesn't always get.

My husband always finds a way to add humor to the cards he gets for me at holidays,
I try to reciprocate, although I think he has me bested most of the time.

 I still have a few more things to finish up before next Sunday.

I created these tags on Microsoft Word and then colored some of them with my Copic markers.
If you would like to use some of them or print some up for your children to use,
just click on the image, right click on it and click "View Image."
You should then be able to print that up and it should print in the correct size.

After I printed and colored the labels, I picked out some scrapbooking paper in colors I liked and cut them slightly larger.  I covered the jar with these first and used double sided tape to hold them on.
I then affixed the colored label in the same way.

 I posted a few of them in color here and left the rest in black and white,
for those who want to use their own colors and wording.
Stickers in the center would work well, too,
especially for toddlers who are not quite efficient in their vocabulary yet
but would like to give Dad their own "craft".

Sorry this was a little late getting posted.
My computer wanted to run slowly today.

Let me know if you have any problems.
Thanks for stopping by!

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