Sunday, June 16, 2013

Clay Buttons

Did you enjoy playing with playdough or clay as a child?
There's just something about the creativity of smooshing up a blob of nothing
and forming a creature or vessel from that lump of color?

Polymer clays are made of a pvc resin mixed with a liguid plasticizer,
which basically means it behaves like clay in that it is moldable with the fingers,

but it is a plastic type material.

It hardens when you bake it.

 There are several different varieties of polymer clays. shows this picture of different kinds of polymer clays
as well as a good description of them and how to work with them.

(On a side note: I do not recomment these clays for young children since they are plastic and should not be swallowed or chewed on.  They are also much harder to manipulate than play dough, so I think this is better for older children or teenagers...and, of course, adults.)

If you would like to read more about the different kinds, I find Dick Blick has helpful information for this.

Another thing I have learned is that if you want a shine on your clay piece, you need to purchase a specialty polymer clay sealer.  The chemicals of plastic can react to the chemicals in different sealers, breaking down the clay, so it is beneficial to use a sealer that is made for sealing plastics.

 Amazon sells different polymer clays, and the reviews to be found are always my favorite part about Amazon: customer reviews are a great source of help and knowledge.

I enjoy creating with polymer clays; one thing that is fun and rewarding to make is buttons.

 Mixing different colors together and letting those individual colors remain somewhat unblended with the other colors gives a marbled look.

Before baking them, it is important to put holes for the buttons, or add a clay or wire piece to the back for a button loop.

I use a toaster oven to bake my pieces; this toaster oven is only used for crafts as it is highly recommended not to use anything with this clay that you will use for edibles after.  It is also nice to be able to set the toaster oven in a place that is well ventilated because the clay gives off a very strong, harmful odor of plastic burning when it is cooking.

I like to use my buttons on scarves that I create.  
(I have a yarn addiction and purchase most from yard sales
and then mix a couple threads together for a unique look.)

Rather than make the buttons for actual use, mine are decorative,
and I use a snap for the scarf's closure.


 The possibilities of this clay are endless: earrings, ornaments, etc.

However, today I am just showing you buttons.

I found this fun etsy shop of fantastic buttons.
I thought I would share them with you; the creativity is just so amazing!

The artist who created all the amazing buttons I am showing you here today has a shop on Etsy.
 Judi creates such fun buttons with polymer clay,

 Digits Designs is the name of her shop.
 I have a special fondness for these.

My son would adore these...

and these!

I can't show these to my daughters or they'll be begging.

Here are just a sampling of the dozens of great designs this artist offers,
and the prices vary from $3.50 to $14
(There are some higher prices in the shop,
but those are for fun ornaments and other creative items).

These are "Pick your pooch" buttons:
you get three buttons of your choice of dog.

Stop by this shop for even more fun ideas
and think of Judi next time you want some buttons that really speak for themselves...
and make everyone who sees them smile.
Judi is one fantastic polymer artist!

 Oh, aren't these fun?!

Have you ever tried polymer clays or have a certain clay that you prefer?
I'd love to know.

Also, if you have a fun creation you make and sell,
let me know and I'll see if it fits with this blog and feature you sometime
when I share weekend projects.

Thanks for stopping by!

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