Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Art Lesson: Painting Outside the Canvas.

Hello again!

Today I am going to show you how fun it can be to use mixed media
as well as a recycled item to create a piece of art.

I did this project a few years back and took the photos with my old camera,
but I thought I'd  use it anyway.

Inspiration for a piece of art can come from life,
somebody else's artwork or technique,
or, in my case here, a vintage illustration in an old book.

The above illustration drew me in,
so I used it, but changed it with some elements I wanted different.

 I had some cabinet doors that an aunt had given to me,
so I sanded one, base-coated it, and used it for my canvas.

 Once the base-coat was dried, I sketched the adapted scene lightly on the wood.

I then used a permanent calligraphy ink and my dipping pen to sketch the scene
(the type of ink is explained >HERE<).

I let the ink dry thoroughly for a day, and then used some acrylic paints to create color.

I also used the calligraphy ink and pen to write a verse under the scene.

When I had everything painted the way I liked, I let it dry for a day,
and I then lightly stained the piece with some watered down brown acrylic paint to give it a slightly aged look.
I then varnished it to protect it.

The finished piece went to my sister who has a house full of sons.

It is always fun to create a piece of artwork on a different canvas.
Using mixed media can be challenging, but add different dimension as well.

Have you used a unique canvas to create a piece of artwork?
What did you use on it and how did it turn out?

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Tonya, Wow, you are so very talented and the painting is wonderful! Thank you for linking to the Open House party and check out this weeks party to see your project featured.

  2. Beautiful! I love how you took the existing piece and adapted it to suit your gift for your sister. So very pretty!

  3. Gorgeous! I am sure that your sister loved it.

  4. It's beautiful! It reminds me a lot of the Calvin and Hobbes art style. I certainly wish the outdoor art at The Soothing Company that I bought recently looked as nice as this :)


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