Friday, May 24, 2013

Vintage Image: Foot Bridge Over a Summer Stream.

Welcome back.

Today I chose to clean up an image I found in a late 1800's book
of an inviting footbridge over a quiet stream.

I cleaned it and made it in brown and white for an antiqued look,...

 and I created a black and white image of it as well.

I thought for fun I would show what can be done with these images.

I colored one of the antique images with my Copic markers.

 (The fine detail in these old images never ceases to amaze me!)

To make cards, I printed up four of the black and white images and colored them.

(Once colored, it is easy to see by the two different images I colored
that the browned ink image definitely has a more vintage look,
whereas the black and white image has a more modern look to it).

 I wanted to add some messages on my cards since one was for a graduation card
and the other is a thank you card for a friend.

I used my fine tipped calligraphy pen and scratched some verses onto paper
(well, it seemed like my pen was scratchy today;
every artist can blame it on the pen once in a while, right? :)
More likely, I was not calm enough to attempt calligraphy;
but these will work for today).

 I used two verses on cards, and made another 2 cards with just the image on them.

Feel free to use any of the images for your own use,
including both the colored images
if you should want to.

(I explain how to use Microsoft Word to copy and paste images in a previous post
if you happened to miss it and would like the help.)

Thanks for stopping by.

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