Thursday, May 30, 2013

This Little Piggy: Free Vintage Image.

My husband mentioned to me that he would like to get some more pigs soon.
It's always fun having little pigs in the barn: they so enjoy eating all the kitchen scraps.

While looking through the images in my old books, these seemed fun ones for today.

It looks like the boy is upset about something and the pig has come to comfort him
(I hope the pig hasn't rooted up the boy's garden patch).

 I made a black and white image as well as a sepia and white one.

 I also cropped out an image of just the pig.

 This image was on the next page, so I thought I would include it as well.

It looks like the pig is getting a good dinner.

Feel free to use these images as you please.  
The book they I got them from is from the late 1800's.

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