Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kids in a Row Free Vintage Print/ Lion

Hello, again.

Today I am sharing an old book illustration of snapshots of children.

The unique placement, the diagonals of the pictures, gives this the "active" look that I mentioned in my previous post.

Don't you think the variety of placement gives this more energy and creativity than an
 all-in-a-row school yearbook-look would have given?

Here is a cleaned up version in a brown tint...

and a black and white.

I thought this one offered some good sketching opportunities.

I find it hard to sketch what somebody else has sketched
because the line placement has to be exact.

What is useful about sketching vintage printed pieces, is that they can be used to create cards when the sketching is done.

(The fiddlin frog image is from the Graphics Fairy).

I thought I would leave you with one more old print.
The kids had a field trip to the zoo this week,
so I found this picture a fun one,
even though there weren't any maned lions at the zoo where we went.

I think lion eyes are a bit terrifying,
 almost as if to remind the candid onlooker who the King of the Jungle is.

I love the detail of his fur, especially the messy tousle on the top of his head.

(Feel free to use any of these images as you'd like).

Have a happy day!

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  1. These cards are wonderful. I especially go for the froggy card. Your choice of papers is fantastic. (I have printed out the frog to use, but my printer is gun-ho on yellow ink, and I need to figure out what's going wrong.) The lion is just beautiful; might make a good 'old lion' card for my husband's birthday. Thanks for sharing.


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