Saturday, April 13, 2013

Embroidery Hoop Mobile

Here is a fun craft to do, especially for a girl's room or a school room
(although the same concept could be used for eagles, seagulls, airplanes, etc., and used for a boy).

My daughter painted the black and white ones with watercolors and cut them out one day for her at-home art class.

 Afterward we painted the embroidery hoops (which we picked up for a good price at a second hand store) with purple.
I lined them up and drilled a hole through the base of them, lining up all three of them to make sure the holes were even.  I did the same for the top as well for two of them; the screw tightener was at the top of the other.

 I then drilled the number of holes I wanted to hang butterflies from in the bottoms of the hoops...

and some in the tops of the hoops.

 We then used some purple wire along with some beads from a friend and randomly placed them along the wire, wrapping the wire back through each bottom bead to hold them in place.
We strung butterflies randomly on the wires (a hole had been poked through each with a sewing needle).

In some places on the hoops, we put a butterfly on top of the hoop with some beads strung out from the bottom.

 We finished the mobile off with some of my daughters favorite colored ribbons
and a few glittered butterfly ornaments left-over from Christmas.

 (The paper towel roll flower in the middle was the project I shared last weekend).

This was a fun project to work on together and now floats from a sunny spot in her room. 

Thank you for stopping by.

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