Friday, March 22, 2013

Repurposing a Lamp with Paint.

The weekend is here, so I'll share another fun and useful craft.

If you have an old lamp you are not fond of, an easy way to alter it is to paint it.
I mix up some Plaster-of-Paris into a cup of base-coat color paint til I get the thickness/consistency I desire, and it seems to stick pretty well to any surface.
For this piece, I swirled the paint/plaster so it looked rough, like waves.

(I hope to make a "tools/recipe/helpful tips" page here soon,
and will give more precise instructions for the mixture then).

Once the base-coat is dried, I then paint the images or scene.

This lamp came from a charity type yard sale to help a little girl with a debilitating disease,
so it seemed an even more worthwhile decision to purchase the lamp for repurposing.

My Kindergartener son has had a thing for Jonah and the whale this past year,
so for Christmas, I painted the lamp for his bedroom.

I used a permanent ink and calligraphy pen to add the verse after the scene was painted and dried.

I practiced the writing on paper a few times first.
I liked this verse as it could be something that might help him someday.


That is supposed to be Jonah sinking in the sea,
with a shark off to the right for my son's benefit
since he loves all "dangerous" sea creatures at this point.

His other favorite, the squid, made it on the back side of the lamp.

It is a small thing, really, just a little paint on a lamp,
inexpensive and using something to "recycle" it,
but seeing how much he loves this sort of thing, made it worth it.

Have a fantastic weekend and if you get a chance,
pick up a paintbrush and capture something beautiful around you.


  1. This is simply beautiful. You are very talented! Believe it!

  2. Yay!!! I love your new blog! What a great idea! This lamp is so neat! We like how you painted Jonah going down into the sea. Great mom! You're so talented! Thank you for linking this up with Rustic Restorations Weekend!


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