Thursday, March 14, 2013

Eyes: Creative and Distinct.


In my last post, I showed you some tips for drawing the eye.

It may seem like a tough job to do,
but really, there are quite a variety of "eyes" in creative art.

Just look at the back of one of my magazines.

 This is an ad for

 Eyes can be painted in detail,
they can be oval or circle,
small or large,
realistic, simple, or fun.

Draw a simple circle face and try a few different "eyes."

Of course,
animals have distinct eyes as well.

Take a cat, for instance:

Can you see the unique feature of a cat's eyes?
He looks as if he has slits for pupils.

This is Moon.  He is such a sweet, laid-back sort of kitty,
letting my daughter dress him up and just enjoying the attention...

or trying to.

See what you can find for eyes in books or around your house
and practice drawing different eyes.

Maybe even try to draw a pet's eyes,
but you probably shouldn't dress him up if you want him to sit for very long:

he'd probably appreciate a treat better.

Grab a pencil and have a happy day!

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